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Stock Code:871437
  • Shanghai Oriental Sport Center

    Property Type:Stadium
    Service Area:188,000 m2
    Service Content:Order maintenance, equipment and facility operation and maintenance, customer service, reception, cleaning, event maintenance


    Program Introduction:
    Shanghai Oriental Sport Center, located at the bank of the beautiful Huangpu River an neighboring Expo Park, has a land area of 34.75 hectares and 188,000 ㎡. Composed of four large-scale buildings such as Comprehensive Stadium, Indoor Natatorium, Outdoor Diving Pool and Oriental Sports Building, it is an iconic building of Shanghai in recent ten years. As the only property service unit, SFSI has completed 159 international and domestic large-scale projects such as ISU and WWE after successfully serving the 14th FINA World Championships in 2011.
  • Chen Yun Memorial

    Property Type:Memorial
    Service Area:34,684 m2
    Service Content:Equipment and facility operation and maintenance, cleaning, greening


    Program Introduction:
    Located in No. 3516 Zhufeng Road, Liantang, Chen Yun Memorial, with an area of 34,667 ㎡, is the only memorial approved by the Central Government to systematically display Chen Yun's life experiences and achievements. It is national AAAA scenic area and Shanghai-based patriotism education base. SFSI provides various services such as cleaning, greening, equipment and facility operation and maintenance, and the reception, conference and accommodation management of major events. Since 2012, SFSI's professional services and sincere attitudes have won the recognition of the customer.
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SAIC · Shanghai culture square

Property Type:Culture square
Service Area:65,000 m2
Service Content:Order maintenance


About the program:
Shanghai culture square has a construction area of 65000 square meters (including 57000 square meters underground).Consists of a 2010- audience seat Multi-purpose underground theatre , which is given priority to play music drama , a matching underground garage and some shopping malls. The project covers an area of about 47,000 square meters, with a green area of 26,000 square meters,the deepest part is 26 meters. It is the largest and deepest underground theater in the world. In addition, there is an outdoor stage on the rolling lawn south of the theatre.

Oriental Lvzhou Sports Training Base

Property Type:Sports training base and stadium
Service Area:260,000 m2
Service Content:Order maintenance, cleaning, customer service, reception, event maintenance service


About the program:
At the bank of beautiful Dianshan Lake, Oriental Lvzhou Sports Training Base has an area of 3,733,333㎡. It is the only Shanghai-based large-scale park integrating outward development, teenager social practice, team activity and leisure as well as travel. Since being designated as the only property service provider of Shanghai Oriental Lvzhou Sports Training Base in 2014, SFSI has focused on all athletes and coaches, created safe, comfortable and convenient living environment, and provided clean and outstanding training conditions. In addition, SFSI demonstrates professional and dedicated service capability and level in serving various international and domestic events.

Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum

Property Type:Art show
Service Area:27,700 m2
Service Content:Order maintenance, equipment and facility operation and maintenance


About the program:
Located in No. 1929, World Expo Avenue in Pudong New District at west bank of Huangpu River, Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum is a comprehensive non-profit art museum integrating human culture and art. It is committed to exchanging and serving contemporary international art and providing services for Shanghai citizens and visitors at home and abroad. Since October 2014, SFSI's young property management team with professional quality and service awareness has provided timely, professional, efficient and perfect property service in order maintenance, facility and equipment operation and maintenance, effectively ensuring the normal operation of the Museum.
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