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Stock Code:871437
  • Quality Control and Technical Operation ManagerRelease time:2016-06-01
    Number of recruits:1Work place:Shanghai, China

    1.    Conduct customer satisfaction survey and result analysis, propose improvement and assessment plans, tracking the progress of dealing with customer problems or complaints;

    2.    To promote the Government Auditing Standards issued by International Organisation for Standardisation (Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Occupation Health Safety Management System) , including Internal Quality Audit task, Management Review Procedure and Surveillance Audit (External Quality Audit )

    3.    Responsible to address and resolve customer complaints or negative feedbacks; conduct researches to identify new operation opportunities, and establish quality standards and implementation procedures for new in accordance to strategic targets issued by the business department;

    4.    Organise coordination with third party (e.g. management of security officers)

    5.    Ensure daily operations of Business Department run smoothly and efficiently 


    1.    Master's Degree and Above

    2.    Work Experiences:

    Familiar with property operation procedures of Grade A office buildings, Commercial Business District project and other public urban complex, along with six-year working experiences of project manager or operation manager; Familiar with standards and external auditing procedures of Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupation Health Safety Management System. Supervise or involve in the establishing documents of customer service quality control;

    3.    Qualifications:

    With strong organisation skills, planning abilities and communication skills; Hold engineering or senior financial economics certificate and other property management certifications and licences


  • Property DirectorRelease time:2016-06-02
    Number of recruits:severalWork place:Shanghai, China

    1.    Establish Annual Property Management Strategies of difference property schemes, control daily customer service quality ;

    2.    Supervise daily operation of department employees, keep frequent communications with employees to enhance work efficiency and improve service quality;

    3.    Coordinate work with third party, environmental management, green space planning, security officers and other relevant jobs;

    4.    Responsible for customer complaints to improve customer satisfaction levels.Interface with governmental institutions, solve and respond to emergencies and critical issues;


    1.    Age under 40 years old, higher education and above

    2.    2-year working experience in property management (prefer candidates with working experiences in property management of public-use property schemes and high-end office building schemes);

    3.    Familiar with property operation system and operational management procedures, property management policies and legislations;



  • Customer Service ManagerRelease time:2016-06-02
    Number of recruits:4Work place:Shanghai, China

    1.    Organise, plan and manage the business operation of construction sites;

    2.    Set and accomplish financial objectives of property projects

    3.    Provide frequent communications with top clients and prepare strategic solutions to improve construction qualities;

    4.    Provide and guide department staffs, make staff performance reviews; 


    1.    Aged between 28 and 45, higher education and above;

    2.    At lease 3-year working experiences in customer relevant fields, familiar with public property projects (e.g., School, Hospital, Office, Hotel, Exhibition Centre, etc.);

    3.    Communication skills, organisational and planning skills,

    4.    Applicable skills in using Microsoft Office software; 


  • Logistics DirectorRelease time:2016-06-02
    Number of recruits:severalWork place:Shanghai, China

    1.    Maintain daily operations of each project in compliance with standards and disciplines of the Corporation;

    2.    Establish and enforce policies and procedures of business operation, financial objectives and recruiting management;

    3.    Strategically plan to visit potential clients, collect meaningful customer suggestions logistic operation;

    4.    Supervise, lead, train and optimise workforce; 


    1.    Higher education and above, age between 25 and 50 years old, proficient PC skills;

    2.    Above 2 year of working experience in customer service and management, prefer candidates who have management roles of hospital-related project,  large scale property scheme, hotel and customer service management;

    3.    Good communication and coordination skills with strong environment adaptability, able to work under high-pressure working environment;

    4.    Willing to work at hospital or clinic working environment;

  • Engineering ManagerRelease time:2016-06-02
    Number of recruits:severalWork place:Shanghai, China

    1.    Convey and amend proper standard engineering principles and code of behaviour;

    2.    Convey and publish marking criteria of supervisors;

    3.    Implement supervision of construction services, analysis of performance examination and other determinants;

    4.    Provide technical advices to other departments as well as customer service centre;

    5.  Provide technical training to staff and make reviews of staff performance;



    1.    Aged between 30 and 55 years old, higher education and above;

    2.    At least five years of working experiences in facility and construction management, particularly with projects of office building, industrial parks, shopping mall and other large residential property schemes;

    3.    In the position of construction manager or equivalent titles for at least 2 years;

    4.    Proficient applicable skills of Microsoft office;