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Public Senice

According to different demands of governments, R&D industry parks and factories, SFSI provides professional, systematic and tailor-made services and become the driving force of industry and commerce institutions. Provide institutions with logistics management, environment protection and business support, improve image of industry and commerce institutions, strengthen the response ability, reduce their logistics cost and finally enhance customers' core competitiveness and create higher benefits.
Core business
Provide professional industry and commerce solutions
Support Management Service
- Equipment and facility operation and maintenance  -  Facility/Energy management - Clean room maintenance -  Cleaning service  -Greening maintenance  -  Order maintenance  - Catering Service  -  Administration support service  -  Conference service  -  Reception service
Management Consulting Service
- Logistics support service system management  -Choice and evaluation management of service providers  -Performance evaluation and improvement of logistics service


Our value

Provide positive and effective benefits for customers

Professional management and operation team
Numerous experience in industry and commerce project management
Mature operation system
Provide customers with flexible and tailor-made services through using various management resources