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Since its establishment in 2001, SFSI has provided catering services. To further improve our services, SFSI registered Shangyi Catering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to provide healthy, nutritious, safe and delicious catering services and offer tailor-made dining solutions according to customers' features and demands.
Core business
Provide customers with better dining experience.
Group meal

Shanghai Catering provides governments, schools, factories and office buildings as well as sports activities with group meal services such as dining room contracting, on-site food cooking and marketing, finished food distribution and tea break, and provides tailor-made group meal solutions.

Micro meal
Through adopting mobile Internet technology, Shangyi Catering provides special micro meal business and provides on-line booking service for terminal customers in office buildings, satisfying individuals' special business dinner demands.


  • Safety

  • Health

  • Delicacy

  • Variety

Shang Yi catering food safety issues of concern, and has passed ISO2200, HACCP and other professional quality management and safety management measures to control food safety hazards and the impact of food safety factors, ensure that will prevent all hazards, eliminated or reduced to acceptable levels, to ensure the food safety.

Shanghai Catering provides natural green food and satisfy customers' demand for healthy food in a maximized manner.
Shanghai Catering provides all customers with Chinese and foreign specialties, which is not only one eating experience, but also a spiritual enjoyment.
Shanghai Catering inherits Chinese traditional dining concept and provides customers with plenty ingredients and various Chinese and foreign specialties, which embodies Shangyi's craftsmanship.


Internal Control Management System
Provide professional modern dining solutions
Service management system
Technical support、quality control、work plan、training system、6T practice management、facility and equipment safety management
Food safety control
Food Safety Management Manual、HACCP Plan、 Traceability System
Meal supply technology
Healthy and nutritious meal plan、menu innovation plan