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According to special demands of medical institutions and medical industry, SFSI provides medical institution customers with professional, reliable and safe all-round medical logistics management solutions. Adhere to the core concept of realizing good doctor-patient relation through considerate service and satisfy various demands of medical logistics operation through professional service system and attitude.
Basic services

Medical institution order maintenance

-fire management -security management -parking lot operation and management service

Equipment operation and maintenance

-operation management -preventive maintenance -daily maintenance 
-corrective repair and maintenance -safety management -energy management

Hospital environment maintenance

-daily cleaning -special cleaning -hard ground maintenance -greening maintenance

Dining management and food distribution service

-Nutritionist food -special dining service

Transport services

-immediate transport -circulatory transport -stationed transport 
-observation transport -planned transport

Medical assistance service

-Hospital business attraction and operation -Healthcare guiding service 
-Healthcare service/Nursing -Cotton goods receiving and giving
-Medical treatment assistance -pre-operation preparation service -Clinical laboratory -supply room service -Mortuary management (funeral service)


Special services
medical entrusting and registration control and management
special lift management
medical dispute disposal
visitation management
hospital infection control
terminal disinfection
Nutritionist food
special dining service
medical waste sorting, collection and storage
outsourcing contract management
operation room purification and air-conditioner cleaning
medical gas storage management
energy management
small-scale construction and equipment renewal


Our core competitiveness
Provide professional solutions for modern hospitals

People-oriented service

No discussion on patients' illness ; Medical advice management

Combine international vision and local experience

Cooperate with German Ziegler Office and Dresden University Hospital
15 years' management experience of a Grade-3 and Level-A hospital

Provide professional logistics consulting for hospitals

Provide early property management consulting for newly-built hospitals
Hospital grade evaluation and re-evaluation service

Advanced information technology system support

Task management system based on mobile terminal
Seamless connection with HIS system